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Welcome to HEINE Loupe Light Repairs

Fast  Reliable  Robust  Affordable

At HEINE Loupe Light Repairs, our goal is to provide a rapid, professional and affordable 3rd party repair services for HEINE Loupe Lights. If your HEINE Loupe Light has stopped working, we’ll have it back to you in working condition in no time at all - that’s what our top notch customer service is all about.

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What We Do

We upgrade faulty HEINE LED Loupe Light connections to a simple, reliable, robust and versatile USB-A connection (see images below).

We install micro electronic circuits & components into the USB-A connection to allow your HEINE LED Loupe Light to run safely and reliably from any generic USB-A power bank.


  • Much cheaper than official HEINE LED Loupe Light cable repairs

  • Much much cheaper than buying a new HEINE LED Loupe Light

  • Enables use of a generic Power Bank or Battery Pack (the kind you use to recharge your phone)

  • Generic Power Banks & Battery Packs are much cheaper than official HEINE mPack battery packs, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and capacities

  • Generic Power Banks & Battery packs are rechargeable via phone chargers, computers and laptops. Which is much more convenient than using the propriety HEINE charging block

  • The upgraded USB-A connection is more robust and more reliable than the original HEINE cable mPack connector

  • Good for the environment, as it allows you to re-use your old HEINE LED Loupe Light

Warning! Do not try to do this yourself with a normal USB-A connector without the correct micro electronic circuits & components built into it. You will blow your expensive HEINE LED Loupe Light.

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What We Do (but with pictures)

Scroll through images to see what we're talking about

Heine Loupes.jpg

Heine Loupes.jpg

Heine Loupes copy.jpg

Heine Loupes copy.jpg

Heine Loupes copy 2.jpg

Heine Loupes copy 2.jpg

Heine Loupes copy 3.jpg

Heine Loupes copy 3.jpg

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mPack cable 2.jpg

Why We Do It

This kind of repair & upgrade is suitable for addressing the common issue of a faulty HEINE LED Loupe Light cable / connector. After heavy use it is common for the connection between the cable and the Heine mPack battery to degrade. This causes the Heine LED Loupe Light to intermittently and spontaneously turn off. This can be really inconvenient and even dangerous if you are in the middle of a surgical procedure.

This repair/upgrade is suitable for all HEINE Loupe Lights, including:

  • Original HEINE LoupeLight

  • HEINE LoupeLight 2

  • Original HEINE MicroLight

  • HEINE MicroLight 2


* Note you will no longer be able to dim the LED light after this repair & upgrade. But in our experience people only ever use their LED loupe light on maximum brightness. There is no need to be able to dim your loupe light.

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How it Works

3 Easy Steps

packing parcel.jpg

1) Post your HEINE LED Loupe Light to:

HEINE Loupe Light Repairs

65 MacKinnon Parade

North Adelaide

South Australia 5006

Send your:

  • HEINE LED Loupe Light 

  • HEINE mPack battery pack

  • Any and all cables that you use to connect your HEINE LED Loupe Light to your HEINE mPack battery pack

  • Repair Request Form (see below)

​Please don't send your loupes.


2) We Test & Repair your Loupe Light

We will track your package and email you once we receive your LED Loupe Light.

After testing your HEINE LED Loupe Light we will confirm the cost of repair and send you an invoice with a link to pay. Payments can be made via
Paypal or Google Pay.

We will repair your Loupe LED the very same day and email you with a confirmation that your LED Loupe Light was successfully repaired & tested.


3) We Express Post Your Repaired Loupe Light Back to You

We will email you with return tracking details the next day.

All redundant parts and mPack battery packs are returned along with your upgraded and repaired HEINE LED Loupe Light.

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Repair Request Form - Word

Fill in this Repair Request Form and send it with your HIENE LED Loupe Light

Repair Request Form - PDF

Fill in this Repair Request Form and send it with your HEINE LED Loupe Light

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Price List


$150 AUD

Australia Wide Service

Repaired HEINE LED Loupe Lights sent from within Australia are returned via express Australia Post with tracking.

$200 AUD

Outside Australia

Repaired HEINE LED Loupe Lights sent from outside Australia are returned via express DHL (or similar service with a major postage service provider)

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Disclaimer & Warranty

We are not affiliated or endorsed by HEINE. We offer a 3rd party alternative repair service.

12 month warranty on all of our repairs (the same as HEINE offers on their repairs).

We can only repair, replace or upgrade faulty HEINE cables and mPack connections. We can not repair blown LED's or LED connections.

If after receiving your HIENE LED Loupe Light we find it unrepairable for any reason or at any point, it will be posted back to you at the cost price of return express & tracked postage.

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Contact Us

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